Friday, August 24, 2007

My First Posting

This is new to me. I am thrilled to welcome you to my yard. Feel free to mark it to show you have stopped by.

I will be putting more things up here, my doggy thoughts, and will update you as to Nich's activities. He is my Boy Toy and I let him think he is in charge. But it's FEMALES FIRST in my world!

Below is a view of my front yard in winter when the temperature was -33 degrees below zero. That is in Celsius, don't know what it is in Fahrenheit.


Rowan The Dog said...

This is a very impressive blog Lady Mistabel. I find it relaxing, after a hard day of doing all my jobs,to come home and post a few of the photos that make me look good. It's fun looking at yourself. I hope you enjoy your blog.



Rowan The Dog said...

Dear Lady Mistabel,

My guardian has done something awful. She flagged your blog. I am pretty sure she was just trying to find the url so I could add it to my own blog but what it means is that your blog has been flagged for objectionable content. Of course, if anybody looks at your blog they will be able to tell how swell and great it really is. Lindy feels just awful about it. We did not mean to give you any trouble with your cool new blog. We are both really, really, sorry. We like your blog a lot. Please forgive us -- Well, mainly Lindy because it was her fault. It was all Lindy, that's for sure. Not me. Lindy.



The Lady Mistabel said...

Oh Rawan, what is a doggie to do? First, Nicholodeon offends Linda by commenting rudely about Texans...I had to bark at him to get him back in line...

Oh well, what's the worst that can happen about being flagged? People who are looking to find something to complain about are welcome to come in and sniff around.

I have a bowl of snacks out in the yard.

Thanks for being the first one to comment here. You are a peach.

Rowan The Dog said...

Thanks for being so understanding Lady Mistabel.

You should tell your guardian that Lindy doesn't really like Texas either. She is always telling me that just as soon as she can figure out a way to get us away from these people she will. I think she just needs to find a good reason to move. Or, even a kind of lame one. For me, I am just happy as long as I am having a fun life.

You are a gracious little dog.

Your peach,


Mike in Texas said...

Hello Lady Mistabel,

Welcome to the blogosphere. I'm afraid I should warn you that a schnauzer lives in my household. He has a nasty habit of poking about my computer when I'm not home.

I'm afraid he may find your blog and start sending you some weird stuff. He's still asleep right now, so he doesn't know I'm writing to you. He's all tired out from a houseguest he'd had for the past couple of weeks, one of his littermates.

clumber said...

My best woof woof out to a new dog in the neighborhood!

The Lady Mistabel said...

Hi everybody.

Hmm I guess I do look like a bearded rabbit...I have two that share my demesne...a wee little black furry rabbit and a larger, brownish rabbit that I take to be Mother Rabbit.

I can run and jump like the best of them.

Love, Misty

terri c said...

Such a lovely Schnauzer you are! There are three dogs at my house: WIGLET, Schnauzer mix who lives life in capital letters, Theo, Cairn mix who lives life in a permanent state of passionate ambivalence, and Toby, Irish Wolfhound puppy and WIGLET'S boy toy.

The Lady Mistabel said...

Oh Terri C, that sounds wonderful! I love their names, too!

Bark bark!

And love from

Cubby said...

Hi Lady M!

Mr. Magoo, my foster brother, wants a date. We live in Texas, too. It's too hot to date!

The Lady Mistabel said...

Oh, Cubby, I saw Magoo's photo at your place. He is a charmer, isn't he. And he knows all about 'biting' faces to get folks to feel happy...we don't really bite, we just want to get a happy face happening.

WendyB said...

What a cute doggie. I like schnauzers! My schnauzer post: