Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mistabel and the Garden Hose

Great fun in my yard

This is me a year ago, first time I ever saw the garden hose.

Nich had me out in my yard not too long ago. He had to water the flower beds because of our hot spell. The temperature ran at about +47C which works out to +108F or so. Too hot for this canine! Nick drew a sketch of the event in his journal. See below.

When I saw the water spout for the first time I had great fun leaping into it, trying to bite it. Wow! What a neat experience getting all cold and wet in such a hot day. Thanks, Nicholodeon. I can't climb a tree like Rowan The Dog, but I can leap up like a jack rabbit.

That's when I discovered the baby rabbit and Mother Rabbit that share my demesne with me. The baby is black fur, so I call him Rocket One; and Mother is beautiful and brown, so I call her Mother Rabbit.


Diane said...

welcome,sweet face. I don't have my own blog, but I have big ears like you! --Scout the dog

The Lady Mistabel said...

Hi Scout
Hey, if Nich, my Boy Toy can get himself organized to set me up with a blog, I bet Diane is clever enough to do it, too. Or have you not trained her yet?

Bark bark
Love, Misty

Aghaveagh said...

Isn't the world just full of wondrous, joyous discoveries??? I am glad you are not afraid of the garden hose--it can be a scary, serpentine creature at times.

My dog Sneferu tends to be afraid of everything, so he would not be as brave as you.

The Lady Mistabel said...

Hi Aghaveagh...I thot your name was pronounced 'hava nagilah'...just said that to let you know I watch details.

Cheer up...a student is supposed to be behind at all times ... that's why there is such a thing as the 'night before final exams'.

Thanks for stopping by my woods on a snowy evening. except it's the end of summer. A touch of 'Frost' doesn't hurt...

Balboa & Mommy said...

Hey, you got ears like me, hee hee. I get so scared of the hose, maybe I should try it one day.

Thanks for stopping by, Its great to meet you.

Frenchie SNorts

The Lady Mistabel said...

Hi Balboa and Mommy!
Thanks for dropping by. I like your blog space, too, Balboa. Don't we have precious guardians?

Harley said...

Hello, Mistabel

Please be careful around that garden hose. I'm very suspicious of the one in my yard. If your people are holding it, it's okay. I just don't trust it all by itself.

Rowan The Dog said...

Dear Lady Mistabel,

As you have discovered, the garden hose is OK. But, take it from me, the vacuum cleaner is up to no good.



The Lady Mistabel said...

Hi Harley!
thanks for the heads up on the garden hose...

Hi Rowan!
When Nich gets the vacuum cleaner out I runs away and hides. I don't like that thing at all!

Love to you both

Frasypoo said...

I will do a post introducing you so all the doggies can meet you

The Lady Mistabel said...

Oh thank you Frasier, and I think I misspelled your name on one of my replies...soorry.

Thanks for the announcement!