Sunday, September 2, 2007

What's a girl to do?

Mistabel meets Larousse

Yesterday, my Boy-toy put his paperback edition of Larousse's French dictionary on the divan next to me.

I thought he wanted me to play with it. So I chewed it royally while he tapped away at his computer. When he noticed what I was doing, he bellowed, 'Bad girl!" Then he grabbed the book away from me.

'Bad girl'? That's accusing me of an immoral act. But as a doggie, I have only one way to act. And that's 'doggie-wise'. I am incapable of committing sin. As are all animals except humans.

My almost favourite guy, Teilhard de Chardin, once taught that a doggie such as I worships God by being a dog. Just as a stone finds its place in Creation by being a stone. So how can Nich tell me I am 'bad'? If anything, my action gives new meaning to the word 'dog-eared'.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mistabel and the Garden Hose

Great fun in my yard

This is me a year ago, first time I ever saw the garden hose.

Nich had me out in my yard not too long ago. He had to water the flower beds because of our hot spell. The temperature ran at about +47C which works out to +108F or so. Too hot for this canine! Nick drew a sketch of the event in his journal. See below.

When I saw the water spout for the first time I had great fun leaping into it, trying to bite it. Wow! What a neat experience getting all cold and wet in such a hot day. Thanks, Nicholodeon. I can't climb a tree like Rowan The Dog, but I can leap up like a jack rabbit.

That's when I discovered the baby rabbit and Mother Rabbit that share my demesne with me. The baby is black fur, so I call him Rocket One; and Mother is beautiful and brown, so I call her Mother Rabbit.

Friday, August 24, 2007

My First Posting

This is new to me. I am thrilled to welcome you to my yard. Feel free to mark it to show you have stopped by.

I will be putting more things up here, my doggy thoughts, and will update you as to Nich's activities. He is my Boy Toy and I let him think he is in charge. But it's FEMALES FIRST in my world!

Below is a view of my front yard in winter when the temperature was -33 degrees below zero. That is in Celsius, don't know what it is in Fahrenheit.